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This is to inform the general public that WINODD.COM is not a get rich quick scheme. Therefore avoid rushing into picking your games with out proper research because it could lead you to loose you obligation fee. Secondly WINODD.COM request for obligation fee as a result of people giving us wrong games or gaming odds before now which has made us bought a lot of wrong games, which has cost us a lot money and time, this is why we applied obligation fee in order to avoid people picking games randomly without research. Therefore if you send us wrong games you will automatically loose your one time obligation fee of #1000 and be expected to renew in other to participate in our daily posting of games, any member who fail to renew will be unable to participate in the daily posting of games in the site. However if you are still winning without a loss, your one time membership obligation fee still counts until you choose to stop or when the management decide otherwise. Lastly for those investing in the investment platform of 2% daily are strictly advice to only invest what the can afford to loose due to the fact that this is an online platform and should in case of any technical issues due to unforeseen circumstances that could lead to loss of information, hacking, account theft, wrong account details, client careless (wrong user name and password issues),  upgrading, maintenance, shutdown and so on, WINODD.COM will not be responsible for payment of any kind or what so ever. Therefore you are advised to only use money you can afford to loose on this website. However WINODD.COM will always ensure to avoid any of the above mentioned unforeseen circumstances from occurring. Nevertheless we assure you of our best services from time to time thanks.

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We are working on this website...

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